Downloads TARDIM is currently available to download for Minecraft 1.18, 1.17.1 and 1.16.5 and is compatiable with the latest corrosponding versions of Forge
Download TARDIM 1.18
Download TARDIM 1.17.1
Download TARDIM 1.16.5 What is TARDIM? This is a lightweight mod for Minecraft that adds your very own traveling police box, called the TARDIM! It's based on the old Adventure Map by Bloop Triangle (Unlimitedmind42). With the TARDIM, you can travel to any coordinates or dimension in Minecraft or your favorite mods! How do I use the mod? Your TARDIM comes preset with multiple controls on the console, but you can also see and change what they do by shift-clicking the controls! All of them are craftable blocks as well, so you can add more controls and choose what they're for with the various TARDIM commands. There's even a Computer Panel if you'd like to just manually enter them into a terminal to fly it that way! What can the TARDIM do? As of TARDIM version 1.1.3, these are the following commands it can use for it's various controls:

What are the crafting recipes? The crafting recipes are: All the things you need to make your ship! Cheap, but not entirely! You need to kill a Wither. You can decorate your ship with special blocks made just for it. All of them are dyable too! Other important recipes to make more of the customizable panels, and also a key to lock/summon your TARDIM! Some other important recipes for decorations and the fuel storage block! Can I use this in my modpack? Yes! We are more than happy for you to use TARDIM in your modpacks so long as credit is given.